We are sorry to announce that Turk Alert has closed. The changes Amazon made in 2015 effectively crippled our service since we were unable to gather the information necessary to send alerts after they removed the ability to see Requester IDs when logged out, and added a CAPTCHA to any service logging in automatically. That meant we didn't know who was posting HITs, and could no longer add new Requesters to our database. As a result, this service was no longer functional, and we couldn't continue to offer any benefit to the community.

That said, there are alternatives out there which will offer you personalized alerts. You can find all of the scripts you need in Turker Nation's scripts forum. We recommend HIT Scraper and Turk Master, which both offer exceptional benefits. Since they both work on the worker's computer while logged in, they don't face the same issues Turk Alert has.

We also recommend the Crowd Workers extension which, although it does not offer alerts, offers a list of HITs others are working on and their PandA links along with many other benefits.

It has been an awesome run and we thank you for supporting us for so long!